Lost the last one, working on doing better the next time around


Baktoid Commando Droid
Career: Soldier
Specialization: Commando
Soak 6
Wound Threshold 17
Strain Threshold 13
Defense 1/1
Brawn 3
Agility 5
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 1
Presence 1

Athletics 1
Resilience 1
Survival 1
Brawl 1
Gunnery 3
Melee 2
Ranged light 1
Ranged heavy 4
Warfare 1
Toughened X 2
Point blank X 1
Physical training X 1
Grit X 1

Now, here is where things get a bit tricksy, because I don’t know what’ll be authorized to be built-in. Here’s what I have for built-in kit:

Flame unit
Heavy battle armor

Other equipment
Light repeating blaster with harness, underbarrel grenade launcher, and augmented spin barrel (spin barrel has pierce+1 and damage+1, grenade launcher has ammo+3)
Ion blaster
2XFrag grenades
11XAP grenade
1Xstun grenade
Climbing gear
4XExtra reloads
12 Patch kits

Connection: No one (not many Baktoid commando droids still up and running these days.)
Belief: Species rights (Droids)

Support 1
Combat victory 1

Contribution Rank 1

Point Blank
Physical Training
Armor Master
Heroic Fortitude
Improved Armor Master

Sharpshooter Set
Deadly Accuracy
Sniper shot

65 banked XP


At the fall of the CIS, the Separatist Droid Army was smashed, hunted, and exterminated. Few surviving examples of the various battle droids used by the SDA are still in existence. However, a few of the more independent and intelligent models out on the Rim were able to escape the fallout of their defeat. AL-T34 was one such example, part of a small commando unit sent to wreak havoc behind Republic lines in various conflicts. A hardened survivor of the conflict, AL-T34 had the ‘good fortune’ of finding his way into a post-war mercenary unit that found employment in various intersystem squabbles after the war.

Dissatisfied with their lack of purpose, integrity, and amoral pursuit of credits, AL-T34 took his opportunity to explosively defect when a sector garrison hired the unit to hunt a rebel cell in a remote system. Having switched sides, he found that the general ideals of the Rebel Alliance are in accordance with his own goals, and acts to further both accordingly.

‘34’, as he is known to his companions, has made numerous alterations to himself over the time since the Clone Wars. Along with upgrading his built-in weapons systems and sensors, he has installed a better vocal unit to produce human-quality speech. He typically wears bulky overclothes that can even allow him to be mistaken for an organic from a distance or in dim lighting.

He has formulated a conception of the rights of droids as independent sentient beings and becomes very touchy when they are, in his opinion, mistreated.


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