Aves Baskalar

Imperial Rear Admiral


Baskalar is not the most powerful man in the Galactic Empire, but has aims of becoming one of the elite. Helping to crush this so-called “Rebellion”, killing Jedi that survived the purge, and bringing order to the Outer Rim are things that he feels will allow him to return to Coruscant with high honors. That his leash has been removed and he can be as brutal as he likes in quelling the rebellious dogs of the rim is merely the cream he can skim off the top.

Admiral Baskalar is a frighteningly good tactician, but ruthless, known to sacrifice his own troops to ensure crushing his enemy before him when the situation calls for it He commands a sizeable sector fleet that has recently been attached to Inquisitor Elu Zand, something he sees as a wonderful opportunity for advancement, to say nothing of how good a lightsaber would look as a trophy on his wall.

His Flagship is the Praetor II Class Star Destroyer Indefatigable

Aves Baskalar

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