Doc Peregrine

Slightly degenerate tourist


Name: Doc Peregrine
Race: Human
Class: Colonist
Specialization: Marshal
Obligation: Betrayal! (+10)
Duty: Rebellion
XP earned: 1585
XP spent: 1015
XP Current:
Credits : 22,445

Brawn: 2
Agility: 3 (30xp)
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 4 (30xp)
Willpower: 3 (30xp)
Presence: 3 (30xp)

Skills: (C = Colonists, M = Marshal, H = Human, N = Noncareer)
C Charm: 3 (10xp) (15xp)
C Deception: 4 (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)
C K Coreworld: 1
C K Education: 1
M Coercion: 2 (10xp)
M Ranged Light: 4 (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)
H Medicine: 4 (15XP) (20xp) (25xp)
H Xenobiology: 2 (15xp)
N Perception: 3 (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)
N Cool: 2 (10xp)
N Melee: 1 (10xp)
K Underworld: 2 (5xp) (10xp)
Vigilance: 3 (5xp) (10xp) (15xp)
Skulduggery 3 (5xp) (10xp) (15xp)
Streetwise: 3 (5xp) (10xp) (15xp)
Stealth 3 (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)

Survival 1 (10xp)
Negotiation: 4 (5xp) (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)
Space Pilot 3 (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)
astrogation 3 (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)
gunnery 3 (10xp) (15xp) (20xp)

(20xp) Hard Headed (rank 2) : When staggered or disoriented, perform the Hard action to make a Daunting Discipline check
to remove the status. Difficulty reduced by 1

(25xp) Improved Hard headed: When incapacitated due to strain exceeding threshold, may take a more difficult Hard Headed action
to reduce strain to 1 below threshold

(20 xp) Grit (rank 2): Gain +1 strain threshold.

(5xp) Streetsmarts (rank 1): Remove b per rank of Street Smarts from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks.

(10xp) Bad cop (rank 2): Spend aa from a Deception or Coercion check to upgrade ability of an ally’s subsequent social check against the same target a number of times equal to ranks in Bad Cop.

(10xp) Quick Draw: Once per round, draw or holster a weapon or item as an incidental.

(10xp) Good Cop (rank 2): Spend aa from a Charm or Negotiation check to upgrade ability of an ally’s subsequent social check against the same target a number of times equal to ranks in Good Cop.

(35xp) Point Blank (rank 2): Add 1 damage per rank of Point Blank to damage of one hit of successful Ranged (Heavy) or (Light) attacks made while at short range or engaged.

(25xp) Natural Marksmen: Once per session reroll any Light Range or Heavy Range check.

(20pts) Unrelenting Skeptic: When targeted by a Deception check, the character automatically adds T to the check equal to ranks in

(25xp) Improved Unrelenting Skeptic: When targeted by a Deception check that fails, may spend 1 Destiny Point to add @ to result

(25xp) Dedication: +1 to cunning.

(30xp) Durable: (rank: 2) Reduce any critical injury suffered by 10 per rank of durable

(30XP) Unmatched Expertise: Once a session for 2 destiny pts reduce the difficulty of all career skill checks he makes by one, to a minimum of Easy, for the remainder of the encounter.


Doc was born in a mid tier Core World to a large upper middle class family. Mom was an accountant. Dad was an engineer. His life was safe, comfortable and utterly depressing to him. He did decently at school, well enough to get into college and did well there to get into medschool like his parents wanted. He however felt listless and bored… Until he took a vacation one summer that involved going to the moon of his planet.

He got lost. He found himself in the wrong neighborhood and in trouble. He escaped with his wits and willingness to go places. It almost killed him. He loved it. His next vacation he went camping as far away as he could afford. It was amazing. He realized he wanted to go to new places, see new things, meet new people and that he couldn’t because he was stuck in med school. So without a word to anyone expect a sympathetic spaceport master he met on one of his vacations, he dropped out of school sold just about everything he owned and left.

The next 3 years nearly killed him over a dozen times. He found himself on the edge of starvation and barely escaping death or slavery by the skin of teeth. He learned a lot but he wasn’t able to get out where he wanted to go, being stuck mostly on the trade lanes. Then he met Deanesh. Deanesh was a reptilian alien who was also a bounty hunter. Doc helped him out in a fire fight and then treated Deanesh’s wounds. So thinking this could be a good thing, Deanesh took him under his scaly wing. Doc learned a lot from Denash and they worked together as bounty hunters and general trouble shooters (often with an emphasis on the shooting part) for 5 years. Doc got to slum in steamy slums on the edge of mega cities, drink wine made from plants that only grow on asteroids in palaces that fly through the air, hear songs that are only played once a century. Dance with women in the light of 5 suns. Meet new and interesting people and sometimes shot them! But trouble always finds doc. Trouble in this case came in the form of a guy that Doc maintains should never have been a bounty.

He was a rebel. Not one of those bomb chucker types, just a guy who got on the wrong side of a petty imperial offical and joined the rebellion to keep breathing. Doc never got a lot of the details but frankly it seemed to him that other then writing some mean articles that said unkind things about imperial officials… The guy wasn’t much of a rebel. Hell he hadn’t even killed anyone! So Doc stuck 800 credits in his pocket and let him go. Denash felt different, thinking that it wasn’t a bounty hunters place to make judgement of guilt or innocence or anything like that. Just to hunt down and collect the damn bounties and the rest of it be damned. Doc and Denash exchanged certain harsh words over this difference of opinion on social responsibilities… And certain blaster bolts.

Doc had to replace a lung. Denash a good chunk of his face and part of his head. They are currently not on speaking terms. Still on shooting terms though. That was little over a year ago. Doc found himself on this crew a couple months ago and is still settling in. He’s keeping his eyes open though, because there still might be things to see.

People: Denash: Bounty hunter, former mentor, current enemy. Denash doesn’t care much about politics. He cares about making money and living to spend it on a comfortable existence. Doc was pretty much his best friend and Denash almost killed him over 10000 credits. Still he does have a decent network of paid snitches and the like and a number of satisfied costumers who would do him a solid if he needed it.

Trag Na Domp: A reporter who was more or less forced into the rebellion for reporting on corruption and scandal within the empire. Trag has a nose for muck and likes reporting on it. While he refuses to report anything but the verified truth, he’s kinda an asshole, loving the idea of exposing people’s secrets and dragging out their dirty laundry. Doc doesn’t care much for him but figures putting out a wanted dead or alive notice for him reporting on kickbacks in the spaceport was a bit over the top.

Doc Peregrine

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