Elu Zand

Terrifying and lethal Inquisitor




Elu Zand was taken from the Kel Dor homeworld at an early age, presumably to be given to the Jedi order. However, he was instead brought to the Emperor’s secret program to develop a network of assassins, spies, and agents for his new Imperial Order. Zand was particularly strong with the force, and possessed the Kel Dor trait of being able to sense the future. This gift, twisted by the Emperor, always guides towards outcomes of Imperial Victory, for ill or for good. As such, he believes the galaxy without the Empire will fall to chaos and destruction, thus justifying whatever cruelties he must inflict on the Jedi that remain. Since the destruction of the Death Star, he has been ordered to hunt down and capture or kill any Jedi he can find, and has been given command over several lesser Inquisitors for this process.

Elu Zand

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