Self-aware heavy engineering droid that has developed into a front-line assault unit. Attempting to walk the razor line between droid rights and droid supremacy. Generally places no more than moderate value on biological life.

Species: Droid
Career: Technician
Specializations: Outlaw Tech, Commando, Recruit, Droid Tech, Cyber Tech
Duty: Support 5

Exp: 1690
Exp Available: 140

Soak: 15
Wound Threshold: 30
Strain Threshold: 18
Defense (R/M): 4/4

Brawn: 7
Agility: 2
Intellect: 7
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 1

Skills: (Class skills marked with > even if at 0)
>Astrogation: 1
>Athletics: 0
>Brawl: 1
>Computers: 5
Cooercion: 1
>Cool: 4
>Coordination: 2
>Discipline: 3
>Gunnery: 5
>Knowledge – Education: 1
>Knowledge – Outer Rim: 1
>Knowledge – Underworld: 1
Knowledge – Warfare: 1
>Mechanics: 5
>Medicine: 1
>Melee: 5
>Perception: 3
>Piloting (Planetary): 2
Piloting (Space): 2
>Resilience: 0
>Streetwise: 0
>Survival: 0
>Vigilance: 3

Enduring x3
Physical Training x1
Toughened x8
Tinkerer x2
Durable x3
Armor Master
Improved Armor Master
Solid Repairs x1
Utility Belt
Grit x5
Jury Rigging x2
Heroic Fortitude
Dedication x5
Inventor x2
Second Wind x1
Vehicle Combat Training
Quick Draw
Jump Up
Machine Mender x1
Deft Maker x1
Redundant Systems
Eye for Detail x3
Reroute Processors
More Man Than Machine x2
Energy Transfer
Side Step x1
Speaks Binary x1
Known Schematic
Hidden Storage x1

Credits: 50cr

Integrated Equipment:
-Fusion Cutter (Superior) (Heavily Modified)
-Backhand Shock Gloves (Weighted Head)
-Heavy Battle Armour (Representing heavily-reinforced chassis for hostile-environment repairs. Non-removable.), Superior, Energy Dispersion, and Multi-Band Comlink mods
-Plasma Shell Assault Cannon
-Grav-Chute (Integrated)
-Custom Toolkit (Deployable repair tools)
-Load-Bearing Gear + Utility Belt (Internal storage compartments)
-Hand Scanner (Engineering-focused, Integrated)
-1 Agility Cyber-Arms
-1 Brawn Cyber-Legs
-1 Intelligence Cyber-Brain
-Escape Circuit

Other Equipment:
10x Emergency Repair Patch

Chassis Schematic: -1 Difficulty to Advanced Specialist Chassis (Permanent)

1x Advanced Specialist Chassis (Stats TBD) (+2 Wounds, Unobtrusive)

Specialist Tooling (Mechanics) – Auto 1 succ.

Specialist Tooling (Computers) – 1 Upgrade to Computers, auto 1 succ. & 1 adv.

Mechanics cybernetic, built-in fusion cutter (adds setback to find), 3x Unobtrusive (setbacks to tests to find)

Rebellion Rank: Lieutenant
Rebellion Decorations:
Star of Aldaraan
Mantooine Medallion



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