Chiss Information Broken, Administrator of "The Spindle"


Jlirn’aral’lesti, otherwise known as Narall, is a Chiss Crime Lord and information broker who currently owns and operates a smuggler’s haven in the deep space of the Outer Rim. Hidden inside of a still forming star system, “The Spindle”, as Narall has named it, is host to all manner of illegal activity, from providing a safe port for smugglers, bounty hunters, and explorers alike. How Narall keeps the Cartels, much less the Empire from taking over his operation is a subject quietly debated in the corners of the station with many suggestions, but one thing is for certain, Narall is cunning and ruthless, and very skilled at discovering secrets.

Was last seen in the tender embrace of Inquisitor Elu Zand. His prognosis was not good.


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