Nils Cerana

Wandering Force Mystic


Race: Human
Career: Mystic
Specializations: Seer

Morality: 70

Emotional Strength: Discipline
Emotional Weakness: Coldness

Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 3
Presence: 3

Defence: 1
Soak: 3
Wound Threshold: 14
Strain Threshold: 17
Force Rating: 5

Career Skills: Astrogation, Charm, Cool, Coercion, Coordination, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Lightsaber, Perception, Survival, Vigilance
Skills: Charm 2, Coercion 2, Cool 2, Coordination 2, Discipline 3, Knowledge (Lore) 2, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1, Lightsaber 3, Perception 2, Piloting (Planetary) 1, Ranged (Light) 1, Vigilance 2

5-Expert Tracker: ( 1/2 normal tracking time, remove 1 setback die from Tracking checks)
5-Grit: 1 Strain
2×5-Uncanny Reactions (2 boost die to all Vigilance checks)
10-Keen Eyed (remove 1 setback die from Perception and Vigilance checks)
10-Toughened (
2 Wound threshold)
15-Grit (1 Strain)
15-Preemptive Avoidance (1 Destiny point to disengage with an enemy as an out of turn incidental)
20-Sense Advantage (add 2 setback dice to 1 NPC’s skill check 1/session)
20-Force Rating (
1 Force Rating)
20-The Force is My Ally (1/session pay 2 strain to perform Force power action as maneuver)
25-Natural Mystic (1/session reroll a Force power check)
25-Force Rating
5-Kill with Kindness-remove 1 setback die from Charm and Leadership
10-Researcher-remove 1 setback from Knowledge checks. Research takes 1/2 time
15-Smooth Talker-spend a triumph to gain an additional success with Charm
20-Grit (+1 Strain)
20-Force Rating
20-Knowledge Specialization: spend 1 triumph for an additional success with Knowledge(Lore)

Makashi Duelist
5-Resist Disarm: pay 2 strain to resist being disarmed
5-Grit: +1 Strain
5-Parry: pay 3 strain to reduce melee damage by 5
10-Makashi Technique
10-Duelist’s Training: +1 blue die when engaged with a single opponent

Force Powers:

10-Control upgrade (target adopts an emotional state or believes something untrue)


-Control: can commit 1 Force: 1/round(twice) can upgrade incoming attack difficulty (twice)
-Strength: upgrades pool twice
-Duration: can trigger ongoing effects twice a round
-Control: can commit 1 Force: 2/round can upgrade attacking dice (twice)
Armored Clothing Defence: 1 Soak: 1
Concealing Robes
Comlink (Handheld)
5 Stimpacks
General Purpose Scanner
Scanner Goggles
Breath Mask
restraining bolt
Utility Belt
Heavy Battle Armor
Raider Arms Model 1 “Nova Viper” Blaster Pistol Dam: 7 Crit: 3 Accurate 2, Pierce 2 Range: Medium

Curved Superior Lightsaber with Mephite Crystal: Damage: 12 Critical: 1, Sunder, Defensive 1, Breach 1, Vicious 1 (adds 1 advantage to all rolls, +1 advantage in single combat),

18745 Credits

-10 Coercion 1, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1
-25xp Natural Mystic
-10 Discipline to 2
-25 Force Rating
-5 Expert Tracker
-5 Grit
-45 Sense-Control, Duration, Strength, Control
-20 Makashi Duelist
-5 Cool 1
-5 Coordination 1
-5 Lightsaber 1
-5 Resist Disarm
-5 Parry
-10 Uncanny Reactions
-10 Toughened
-15 Preemptive Avoidance
-10 Makashi Technique
-20 Dodge
-10 Lightsaber 2
-10 Parry
-10 Duelist’s Training
Range -5

Kill with Kindness-5
Smooth Talker-15
Force Rating-20

Charm 2-10
Coercion 2-10
Cool 2-10
Coordination 2-10
Discipline 3-15
Lightsaber 3-15
Perception 2-10
Vigilance 2-10
20 Knowledge Specialization
-25 Force Rating


Nils Cerana was born Istar Renn, the child of a family of government functionaries and academics on the Expansion Rim planet of Hunara. At age 10 he showed signs of sensitivity to the Force and was sent to the Jedi Temple. His parents were proud of having a child selected for training by the Jedi Order and were humiliated by the order’s rejection of Nils. Too old, they said. Too impetuous, too angry. Too much anxiety, too much fear.

The rejection haunted Nils. Everyone knew the Jedi Order had found him unsuitable. Everyone knew he was defective. His parents careers stalled and though they said nothing he knew that his rejection by the Jedi was partly to blame. The Empire had outlawed the Jedi and killed them wherever they found them, but he took no joy in that. The Force was all he had left and it had become dangerous to pursue it. There was no future for him on Hunara. So he left.

On Jerewah he became the right hand man and friend to Captain Yvaine Farrunner and her ship Voidwalker for two years before leaving her on Aserk to explore ancient ruins of Sith Temples. On Idraskar he met Senior Hala of the Monks of the Celestial Wheel. They denied him membership by shared their wisdom and training when he helped fight off the Bloody Stars Gang. On Sian-je he fell in with confidence man and trickster Chalen Karr when they attempted to find the lost treasure of the Tyrant Manikang the Ninth.

Nils is hard and reserved, by rarely cruel. He does not trust easily, but once given his loyalty is strong. He has been battered and tossed by the vicissitudes of fortune and expects similar resiliency from others. He is disciplined and controlled, but beneath his passions run deep. Nils needs the friendship of other beings more than he lets on and while calculating he is capable of compassion and generosity. He rejects the restrictions of the Jedi but does not embrace the brutality of the Sith.

Nils Cerana

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