Commodore Quinlan Darillian

"I joined the Navy to serve the Empire, not to serve as the Emperor's paid terrorist."


Name: Commodore Quinlan Darillian
Race: Human
Class: Commander
Specialization: Commodore
Specialization: Force Sensitive Exile
Specialization: Warleader
Specialization: Sage

One Sentence Description: A veteran Imperial Navy Commodore, no longer able to stomach the abuses perpetrated by the Imperial government.

Brawn: 2
Agility: 3
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 3
Presence: 6

Astrogation: 3
Charm: 4
Coercion: 3
Cool: 4
Deception: 4
Discipline: 4
Gunnery: 2
Knowledge, Core Worlds: 2
Knowledge, Education: 2
Knowledge, Outer Rim: 3
Knowledge, Warfare: 4
Knowledge, Lore: 1
Leadership: 5
Lightsaber: 2
Mechanics: 2
Negotiate: 2
Perception: 4
Piloting, Space: 2
Ranged, Light: 4
Vigilance: 3

Balance (Add Force to Strain recovery rolls, and recover one extra per Light Side point.)
Blind Spot (All Allies in Short Range get + 1 Advantage while in cover.)
Careful Planning (Once per session, introduce one “Fact” into the narrative as though a Destiny Point had been spent.)
Command (+ 1 Blue to Leadership tests, + 1 Blue to Discipline tests for inspired characters.)
Command (+ 1 Blue to Leadership tests, + 1 Blue to Discipline tests for inspired characters.)
Commanding Presence (- 1 Black to Cool and Leadership tests)
Commanding Presence (- 1 Black to Cool and Leadership tests)
Dedication (+ 1 Presence.)
Dedication (+ 1 Presence.)
Dedication (+ 1 Presence.)
Familiar Suns (Make a Hard Knowledge: Core Worlds or Outer Rim check to reveal information about the environment)
Fire Control (Take a Fire Control Action to increase the silhouette of targets of your ship by 1.)
Force Rating (+ 1 Force Point.)
Force Rating (+ 1 Force Point.)
Force Rating (+ 1 Force Point.)
Forewarning (Take the Forewarning Action: Everyone gets a bonus to Defense equal to Force Rating for the round until they take an action.)
Galaxy Mapper (- 1 Black to Astrogation tests. Astrogation tests take half normal time.)
Galaxy Mapper (- 1 Black to Astrogation tests. Astrogation tests take half normal time.)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Grit (+ 1 Strain)
Hold Together (Spend a Destiny Point to turn ship/vehicle damage into system strain)
Intense Focus (Spend a Maneuver and take 1 Strain to Upgrade a check once.)
Kill with Kindness (- 1 Black to Charm and Leadership tests.)
Knowledge Specialization – Warfare (Can turn Triumphs on Knowledge Warfare into an extra success.)
Known Schematic (Make a Hard Knowledge Education test to know the schematics and salient points of a ship or building.)
Natural Negotiator (Once per session, reroll a Cool or Negotiation check)
Preemptive Avoidance (Spend a Destiny Point to Disengage from melee as an out of turn incidental.)
Prime Positions (All Allies in Short Range get + 1 Soak while in Cover.)
Prime Positions (All Allies in Short Range get + 1 Soak while in Cover.)
Quick Draw (Draw or Holster a weapon as an incidental.)
Rapid Reaction (Suffer 1 Strain to add 1 success to Initiative.)
Researcher (- 1 Black to all Knowledge tests. Researching a subject takes half the time.)
Researcher (- 1 Black to all Knowledge tests. Researching a subject takes half the time.)
Sense Danger (- 2 Black to any test, once per session.)
Smooth Talker (Spend a Triumph on Coercion tests to gain 1 additional success.)
Solid Repairs (When repairing Hull Trauma, repair 1 additional trauma.)
Solid Repairs (When repairing Hull Trauma, repair 1 additional trauma.)
Solid Repairs (When repairing Hull Trauma, repair 1 additional trauma.)
Street Smarts (- 1 Black to Streetwise or Knowledge Underworld tests)
Supressing Fire (Allies within short range may spend 1 Advantage on a missed shot to inflict 1 strain).
The Force is My Ally (Once per session, take 2 strain to make a force power action into a maneuver).
Touch of Fate (+ 2 Blue to any test, once per session.)
Uncanny Reactions (+ 1 Blue to all Vigilance tests.)
Uncanny Reactions (+ 1 Blue to all Vigilance tests.)
Uncanny Senses (+ 1 Blue to all Perception tests.)
Uncanny Senses (+ 1 Blue to all Perception tests.)
Valuable Facts (Once per session, make an Average Knowledge check. If successful, add a Triumph to someone else’s skill check.)

Unmatched Authority (Once per session, spend 2 Destiny Points as an action in structured time to gain the ability, for the rest of the round and the next two rounds, to spend two strain and use an out of turn incidental to downgrade the difficulty of an ally’s skill check once. This can be used on an ability multiple times.)
– Firm Resolve (Add 2 to Strain Threshold while Unmatched Authority is Active.)
– Duration (Increase the Duration of Unmatched Authority by 1 Round.)
– Duration (Increase the Duration of Unmatched Authority by 1 Round.)
– Mass Combat (Can use Unmatched Authority in Mass Combat as well as personal combat.)
– Destiny (Reduce the cost to 1 Destiny Point)
– Endurance (Reduce the cost to 1 Strain except for reducing difficulty/)
– Increase Effect (May remove a Black Die instead of Downgrading Difficulty.)
– Increase Effect (May reduce difficulty instead of Downgrading Difficulty, in this case, the strain cost is double.)

“The Darillian Run 1”: (+ 1 Blue to Astrogation between Dosha and Sorillia)
“The Darillian Run 2”: (+ 1 Blue to Astrogation between Dosha and Dead Space Point 1.)
“The Darillian Run 3”: (+ 1 Blue to Astrogation between Dead Space Point 1 and Kalla.)
“The Darillian Run 4”: (+ 1 Blue to Astrogation between Dead Space Point 2 and The Arrel Station above Janda)

Force Powers:

Force Dice: 4

Foresee (Spend a Force Point to gain vague hints about your situation.)
- Control (Roll Force as part of any Initiative Check. Gain an extra success per force point.)
- Control (Targets affected by Foresee gain +2 Melee and Ranged Defense during the first round of combat.)
- Control (Spend a Force Point to give everyone affected by Influence a free maneuver before combat.)
- Strength x2 (Spend a Force Point to pick out two Specific Details.)
- Duration (Spend a Force Point to see another day into the future.)
- Magnitude x2 (Spend a Force Point to extend Forsee to two other people.)
- Range x3 (Spend a Force Point to upgrade the range to Long.)

Sense (Spend a Force Point to sense the presence of life, or the general emotions of a target.)
- Control (Spend a Force Point to determine what the target is thinking.)
- Range (Extend range to Medium.)

Influence (Spend a Force Point to influence a target with a particular emotional state or to inflict a point of Strain on the target.)
- Magnitude (Spend a Force Point to affect 2 targets.)
- Magnitude (Spend a Force Point to affect 3 targets.)
- Control (Make an opposed Discipline check to force people to adopt an emotional state or to temporarily believe an untrue thing.)
- Control (Roll Force as part of a Coercion, Charm, Leadership, Deception, or Negotiation check.)
- Range (Extend range to Short.)
- Range (Extend range to Medium.)
- Range (Extend range to Long.)

Battle Meditation (Spend a Force Point to give characters up to Presence an automatic success on all actions until the start of the next turn.)
- Range (Extend range to Short.)
- Range (Extend range to Medium.)
- Range (Extend range to Long.)
- Control (Also make an Easy Leadership test to allow for the giving of orders through the power’s use.)
- Control (Take 4 Strain to extend the power to Planetary range scale.)
- Strength (Spend two Force Points to get another automatic success for all characters.
- Duration (Commit 3 Force Die to sustain the power on all targets.)
- Magnitude (Spend a Force Point to add another Presence worth of targets.)
- Mastery (Pick a skill. Everyone affected gets the highest rank of that skill of everyone affected.)

Cornet Arms H-7 “Equalizer” Fine Blaster Pistol (Damage 7, Crit 2, Range Medium, HP 3, Superior, Stun Setting)
– With +3 Damage, +2 Piercing, +1 Advantage
Cornet Arms HL-27 Light Blaster Pistol (Damage 5, Crit 3, Range Medium, HP 2, Accurate 1, Stun Setting)

2 Thermal Detonators (Damage 20, Crit 2, Range Short, Blast 15, Breach 1, Vicious 4)
5 Mercy Grenades (Damage 5, Blast 5, Stun Damage, wipes the memory of the targets)
2 Ion Grenades

Personal Deflector Shield (Defense 2)
Rebel Commander-Pattern Armored Clothing (1 Ranged Defense, 2 Melee Defense, Soak 3, HP 1, +1 Advantage to Leadership Tests, Superior)
Normal Armored Clothing (Defense 1, Soak 2, HP 1/1, Superior)

General Purpose Scanner
Stimpack x5
Breath Mask/Respirator
Imperial Navy Field Rations x5
Imperial Navy Canteen
PED-21 Distress Beacon
Thermal Cloak
Blastech Model 58 Concealment Holster
Extra Reloads x4
Tranlang Holo V Audio/Visual Translator
Advanced Flesh Camouflage Kit
BPEA 1A Cascader (Upgrade all Deception, Leadership, and Charm tests)
Sleight Case designed to look like a technician’s toolcase, resistant to weapons scanners, with a credit chit (500) and a note inside to make it look like I am smuggling my lightsaber as an antiquity.

Antique Lightsaber from the Mycenaean Age with a Power Cord. Installed a Gold Draggite Gem
7 Damage, 3 Crit, 4HP, Accurate, Breach 1, Disorient 1, Sunder.
– With + 1 Damage, + 2 Concussive, + 1 Disorient
Belt Pack Quality.

Jedi Meditation Stones: + 2 Strain Threshold. + 1 Blue for certain Force-related things.

24385 Credits
Morality: 99
Conflict: 0
XP: 10

The Flotilla

Starfighters: 61
36x Y-Wing Fighter/Bombers
– 12x Gundark Squadron (Enhanced Ion Drives)
– 12x Bantha Squadron, assigned to Phoenix (Enhanced Ion Drives)
– 12x Dewback Squadron (Enhanced Ion Drives)
13x Z-95 Headhunter Fighters.
– (1x Terek’s Lucky Fighter)
– 12x Mynock Squadron (Nightshadow Coating)
12x X-Wing Fighters
– 12x New Arrivals, assigned to Gorgon (Adv. Targeting Systems)
– 12x Stormrider Squadron
– 12x New Arrivals (Incoming)

1x Ghtroc-720 “Dantooine Sunrise”. Command Vessel, heavily modified.
1x Hawk 290 Recon Ship. “Contents May Have Shifted” High-speed scouting vessel. Useful for reconnaissance and perimeter scouting)

Transports (armed and otherwise):
2x Gozanti-Class Transport. Armed freighter, slow but tough. Useful as an ersatz corvette.
– “Wallow” – High Output Ion Turbine, Adv. Targeting Computer, Linked Port/Starboard Light Turbolasers
– “Saunter” – High Output Ion Turbine, Adv. Targeting Computer, Linked Port/Starboard Light Turbolasers
2x C-ROC-pattern Gozanti-Class Transport. Modified Gozanti Transport, with lighter armaments and no fighter connections, but faster, more cargo and modification options
– “Charity” – Stealth Modifications, Minelayers
– “Reposessed” – Stealth Modifications, Minelayers.
2x GR-75 Medium Transport . Teardrops from Empire. Unarmed and helpless, but decent capacity.
– “Innocent” (Converted into a mobile broadcasting platform)
– “Damsel” (Undergoing conversion to an ECM vessel)
2x 4R3-class Assault Transports. Boarding assault transports, reasonable armament.
– “Augur 1” (Triple Stealth Mods, Adv. Targeting Computer)
– “Augur 2” (Triple Stealth Mods, Adv. Targeting Computer)
1x Citadel-Class Freighter.
– “Aeonian Rancor” Armed and upgraded Bounty Hunter’s ship, kitted out with prisoner restraints, bounty hauling capabilities, and assorted upgrades.
1x YV-929 Armed freighter. Heavily armed Light freighter. Smuggler/gunrunner ship.
– “Valkyrie” (Adv. Targeting Array, replaced the blaster cannons with Auto-blasters)

Marauder-Class Corvette “Defiance” (Lt. Maydak) – Armed with Light Turbolasers, Adv. Targeting Computers
Marauder-Class Corvette “Perseverance” – Armed with Light Turbolasers, Adv. Targeting Computers
Marauder-Class Corvette “Fortitude” – Armed with Heavy Lasers and Medium Ion Cannons, Adv. Targeting Computers
Vigil-class Corvette “Ranger” (Cpt. Cam Carduel)

Nebulon-B-Class Frigate “Gorgon” (Adv. Targeting Computers, TC3-Command Mod)
Nebulon-B-Class Frigate “Phoenix” (Enhanced Medical Bay, Adv. Targeting Computers)

Ground Forces:
1 Company Rebel troops.

Enemy Vessels Known to be About:

Capital Ships:

Assertor-Class Heavy Star Destroyer “Indefatigable” (Admiral Baskilar)
Secutor-Class Heavy Carrier “Vengeance” (Possibly Damaged)
Victory-Class Star Destroyer “Relentless” (Captain Mirax Petothel)

Persons of Note: Jedi Master Tala Halcyon: Commander of Spectre Squad. Had a Padawan, Jor Cinn, also unknown.
Jor Cinn, apprentice of Halcyon. Probably alive. Everyone is hunting for them.
Sergent Knott, remaining member of Spectre Squad.
Major Jocasta Jace, Ex-Stormtrooper commander of the Rebel cell.
Lt Maydak, Flag Captain of the Corvettes, Klatoonian.
Airal Felian , former Deathwatch Mandalorian bounty hunter checking out our bounty. Yay. She flies a highly-modified Mandalorian Fang Fighter. We disabled and captured her and I gave her the sunshine cure. She may have signed on. She wound up fighting with us on Arda, so she has signed on.
Captain Kham Carduel, whom I saw in my vision at the Spindle. The fleet commander while I’m not here.

Planets: Dosha: Planet of enslaved Klatoonians.
The Wreckage of the Ba-Ni, a Neutral port made of crashed starships, illicit things and whatnot.
Ka-Ti: A Garden world with little colonization, about which sits Taro Station, where Trag Na Domp may be. Controlled by the Black Sun.
Taro Station, a giant Tetrahedron that re-configures itself. Everyone else wants to steal it. FML.
Bastoo: Location of a hidden Jedi Temple. Also Pandora, a Force-enhancing planet.
Varney: An out of the way imperial planet, good for stirring up trouble.

Contacts: Ibbir Nokko, main Klatoonian smuggler of people.
Trag Na Domp, a muckraking reporter, got infamous with the Empire by reporting on the events at the Spindle (where I was). Tracked him to Taro Station. Rescued him and need to retrieve his data from the Black Sun in exchange for a load of spice.
Mr. Race, who we found in the station. Trag Na Domp’s security man.
Vigo Vinor Jissard, a MAJOR crime lord in the Black Sun. Vigo is a title. He kept the reporter’s information in exchange for us walking away with the reporter.
Tanner Dangent, Rebel cell leader on Nar Shadaa. Knows Isaan. Wants our help with ongoing operations in exchange for information about the spice shipment.
Ena Jokol, Zabrak Spice dealer who works with the Hutts. Hangs out on Outland Transit Station. If she’s mad, she can take things up with Sonasu herself. Airal Felian told me that Ena Jokol owned a droid that looked like LN-84. I wonder…
General Ran Niall and Captain Harl Bess, commanders at the Arda 1 base.

Rebel cell on Arda:
Sgt. La’Sara, Zabrak Squad Commander. Squad leader of Arda
Pvt. Sarliss, Gran Rebel Soldier. Very downcast after his fire team was killed around him. Doc had a talk with him, and hopefully he’s starting to pull through.
Dr. Lauren Morek, the doctor at Arda base. Sounds like a sexpot. Wanted me to talk to a smuggler named Corren into providing a regular delivery to the rebellion.
General Ran Niall, Commander of the base on Arda.
Setenna Hase, 2nd in Command of the base on Arda.
Lt. Kem Rossem, a promising naval officer on Arda eager for a command.
Corren, a smuggler whom I beat at Pazzak. She knows Doc. I managed to beat her anyway and make arrangements to get more shipments in.
Major Yallor, Sullustan, An officer who had concerns in regards to a leak on Arda.
Captain Harl Bess, Wing Commander. Seen rummaging
“Rialla” – The codename of the traitor at Arda base.

Admiral Genko Ramel, MC-80A Calamari Battlecruiser “Fury of Alderaan”
Captain Mille Brimen, MC-80A Calamari Battlecruiser “Fury of Alderaan”. Alderaanian. Gave me a paint scraper and told me to go get the Alderaan.
A95-0 – Deck boss of the Fury of Alderaan.
Lt. Masi Qual – Bothan spy who stumbled into the middle of our investigation.

Battle of Arda:

Captain Haro Braven of the ISD Rebuke
Captain Heva Honall of the ISD Repulse

Terek received the Corellian Cross. I got the Mantooine Medallion.

Notes from Operation Spindle:
An imperial pilot of a TIE Punisher started lipping to one of the quartermasters. He talked about a “demonstration” coming up.
The Demonstration is likely going to be the Spindle itself.
Zappa has been inserted into the slave quarters. We are going to get as many slaves/droids out as possible.
An inquisitor is coming. Zappa, Terek, and I, have to be somewhere the fuck else. when he arrives. We will get out on the Ranger. The others on the Aeonian Rancor.
An assassin droid made us and asked for a datapad we stole from
Captain Cam Carduel, the guy I saw in a vision. Assassin droid claims he’s not here. That’s because he was the captain of the fucking Corvette.
We found Black Box data from the Spindle which we have retrieved.

Operation Varni:
Ratyl Finnall (Chagrian), Traest Pers’Dov (Yakora), Kenth Vondas (Human), Eros Tanwa (Gran) – Local contacts.
Lt Paila Korden. Squad Commander
Sgt. Kale. Squad Sergeant
Da Squad: Mostly human, a Weequay, a Chagrean, a Bith. a Zabrac, an Ectochi
Colonel Mar Haruss: Commander of the Varni garrison. Martinet. Obsessed with inspections.
Major Milla Asteer: XO at Varni garrison. Has ambitions of higher command.
Captain Zala Dara: Squadron commander at Varni. Apparently better than this station would indicate.

Bad people:
IG-88, also checking out our bounty. Jumped us on the way back from the Tesseract. We destroyed one of his four instances and drove him off.
Val Amner, Corellian, another bounty hunter looking for us. Has a crew and a large transport with heavy goddamn firepower. We threw him down a pit and dumped thermal detonators on his head. He may be alive. We then blew his fucking ship up. I think he may be dead.
Denash, Trandoshan who hates Doc. We also threw thermal detonators onto his head.
Omik Aden, Sakiyan Hacker: Is a very very good slicer who nearly got away. Terek and I wound up on his Citadel-class Freighter outside of the station. He wound up in a coma.
Commander Kuna Typhe, Commander of Devastator Squadron (TIE Publishers).

– 1 in a dagger-like vessel
– 1 Human, female, diplomatic shuttle
– 1 Aqualish
– 1 Twi’lek


The Force is a universal constant, active throughout the galaxy, touching the lives of those it chooses without reference or whim to the vagaries of local custom or authority. For thousands of years, the Jedi order has sought out children with the gift of Force sensitivity, seeking to train them in the ways of the Force, inducting them into a militant order of peacekeeping knights, revered and feared across the galaxy. Yet as long as there have been Jedi, there have been those who rejected them, some out of hatred, malice, or philosophical disagreement, and others simply because their own background or cultural viewpoint did not accord with that espoused by the self-proclaimed guarantors of peace.

Kuat, one of the foremost core worlds in the Galactic Republic, has been a center of ship and ship component manufacture for both the civilian and military markets since time immemorial, and for nearly four centuries, the Darillian family were near the center of it. Though not members of the Kuati aristocracy, the Darillians were nonetheless a well-connected, prosperous family concern, drawing on twelve generations of shipwrights and designers, and a wide network of suppliers, cadet branches, and distant relatives to produce everything from bulk carriers and deep-space miners, to military prototypes and elaborate pleasure yachts. Specializing in large-scale, heavy construction, and passed down from generation to generation, the Darillian Shipyard remains to this day a small but important element in Kuat’s most famous industry, a source of pride to its owners, workers, and clientele alike. And it was this pride, and the insularity of a proud family dating back so far, that led Brea Darillian, the twelfth scion of the shipyard and matriarch of the Darillian clan, to turn away the Jedi consulars who had come to take her second son, Quinlan, when they determined by whatever arts they had that Quinlan was sensitive to the Force. No matter their pleas and exhortations, no matter the promises they made or the incentives they offered, Brea would not be moved, not even when her husband and brothers begged her to change her mind. Her son was no freak, to be immured within a monastery and trained to forget his family name and lineage. He was a Darillian, and a Darillian he would remain, as his ancestors before him had. So adamant was she of this rejection that Quinlan himself, scarcely a toddler and entirely ignorant of the cause of the upheaval he had so inadvertently caused, was never even told that the option had been offered, and left, along with all of his siblings, friends, and classmates, to think that there was nothing whatsoever abnormal about him, other than a deeply intuitive mind and a penchant for out-thinking his fellows.

From an early age, Quinlan was fascinated by starships big and small, but mostly big. Having watched, firsthand, as his mother and aunts designed and built the systems, engines, or hulls of successive generations of massive warships, his childhood dream was to sail one of them across the galaxy, an outlet and an audience for the sorts of ambitions only such vessels could bring to life. With his elder sister set to inherit the family business in line with Kuati tradition, Quinlan, upon reaching majority, chose to forego a career in building ships in favor of one serving upon them, joining the ranks of the Kuati Defence Forces at the age of 17, one of the many eclectic naval flotillas maintained by major members of the Galactic Republic. His mother, sister, and the rest of his family took this for some adolescent rebellion, a common enough thing among Darillian (and Kuati) men, several of whom had become gamblers, adventurers, even bounty hunters for a time, before seeing sense and returning to the family business. And so it might have proven for Quinlan, had not events overtaken his time in service.

Even by the standards of the turbulent history of the Galaxy, the Clone Wars were a traumatic event, a trans-galactic war which stood many assumptions and long-standing galactic traditions on their head. Quinlan was just a young officer in the Kuati fleet when the wars exploded into full force, but the devastation they unleashed, and the consequent movement towards producing a united Republican armed forces to meet them, offered him an opportunity to fulfill ambitions he could never have satisfied in a lowly planetary defense force. His family protested, insisting that he not involve himself in someone else’s war, but the opportunity to join in the ground floor of something truly new, of a galactic navy that would once and for all put an end to the sanguinary wars of the separatists, pirates and slaver-barons, was too much to resist. Resigning from his position as a helmsman in the Kuati forces, he took demotion to Ensign in the hopes that, with the new navy being created out of whole cloth before everyone’s eyes, the opportunities for advancement would be swift.

And so it proved. Quinlan’s natural talent for naval command, buttressed by a Force-sensitivity he still had no idea even existed had never been given the opportunity to shine in the restrictive and conservative ranks of the Kuati Defense Forces, but the Republican Navy, forming itself out of disparate elements in the middle of the greatest war in living memory could not afford to squander a promising young officer so. Thrown into the maelstrom of galactic combat, first as a subordinate officer and then as a ship commander in his own right, Quinlan proved an inspiration, serving in dozens of major battles and hundreds of smaller skirmishes as the Clone Wars raged across the galaxy. Alone, in squadrons, as an element leader in stupendous fleet battles, Quinlan’s skill at command, aided silently as ever by his unknown force talents, earned him rapid promotion and notice, and within three short years after joining the fight, Commander Quinlan Darillian was being recognized by his superiors and even by his own family as one of the foremost rising stars of the now-rechristened Imperial Galactic Navy. No longer bound to the shadow of his ancestors, sisters, and mother, all of Quinlan’s fondest dreams seemed to have come true.

The transition from Republic to Empire was not a traumatic one, not at first. Quinlan, who had joined the navy to put an end to the disorder, lawlessness, and violence that was plaguing the galaxy, even welcomed the transition at first, as the collapsing, dysfunctional republic was swept aside by a vibrant professional class led by former Chancellor Palpatine. The suppression of the Jedi and suspension of the republic’s constitution were small matters to him, for the Jedi were myopic fanatics whose monopoly of force over the galaxy at large had led to the crisis of the Clone Wars, while the Republic itself was a tottering supra-national entity of dubious value, whose internal gyrations and charter revisions were of little concern. Loyal to the Navy he had helped create, Quinlan’s war record and evident skill earned him an independent command on the frontier of the Galactic Empire, with a mandate to bring order to the chaos of the outer rim, and end the predation of those who profited from said chaos. It was, for an ambitious, adventurous officer, a choice posting, and one he carried out with distinction through a whole series of tours far from the core, battling the Hutts, crushing slavers, dealing with independent worlds, breaking up smuggling rings and dueling with pirate fleets. Promoted to Captain, and then to Commodore, Quinlan was eventually given command of a Victory-class Star Destroyer, the VSD Alderaan, and a task force of lighter ships with which to patrol, succor, defend, and protect Imperial interests and the interests of order and peace across the Outer Rim.

Like many naval officers, Quinlan never paid much attention to the Rebellion as such. To him, it was nothing more than another high-minded terrorist organization, one of dozens he had dealt with in the past, all with such deceptive names as “The Alliance to Restore the Republic”, or some such high-minded political twaddle. A military man to his core, Quinlan dealt with such Rebels as crossed his path as he would any other pirate or smuggler, paying minimal lip service to the ever-more obsessive commands to concentrate all efforts on the rebels’ extermination. Alone on the edge of space, with his task force of ships and a veteran, hand-picked crew, Quinlan could, and did, simply leave the Imperial government to see to itself while he carried out his mission, but as time went on, and the Empire’s grasp on the galaxy grew tighter, this luxury began to become less and less available. The first hint were probably the treason trials of a number of outspoken officers back on Coruscant, several of whom Quinlan knew, and whose implication in plots against the government made no sense, not to him, and not to his officers. The deployment of political officers to fleet units, first on an advisory basis and later with actual command authority, struck him and his fellows as the worst sort of civil interference in military matters, and when he ended by simply tearing up their reports of seditious behavior on the part of his own officers and throwing the political hacks out of his squadron, the stinging reprimand that descended upon him was the occasion of much angry grumbling among the command staff of the Alderaan. Still, these were nothing more than annoyances on the larger scale, minor missteps in a storied and successful record. It was not until Quinlan’s last promotion, one intended as the capstone on his remarkable career, that everything came crashing down.

The position was a plum one, the command of the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger, one of the most powerful fleet units in the galaxy, a post regarded correctly as a stepping-stone to the Admiralty. But unlike Quinlan’s slapdash commands on the frontier, the Avenger was a core unit of the Imperial fleet, employed within a larger battlegroup under the command of Fleet Admirals and Grand Moffs. It was here, on a ship that should have been his ticket to the highest levels of military command, with a senior officer corps selected by his predecessor, that the full, terrible evolution of the Navy he had helped to found was brought home to Quinlan in the most direct way possible. Rather than protecting the galaxy from the threats that afflicted it, Quinlan’s new task was to enforce the absolute rule of the Emperor by any possible means, up to and including widespread, indiscriminate murder. Though Quinlan, like everyone, had heard rumors of corruption and criminality within the core formations of the Imperial Navy, he had never given them credence, dismissing them as the sour grumblings of discontented slavers. How wrong he had been was hammered home in the most horrific form possible when he and his ship were ordered to engage in a practice known as “Base Delta Zero”, the obliteration of an entire planet via sustained bombardment by turbolaser fire. Surrounded by officers he could not trust, and unable to conceal his horror at what had befallen the shining navy he had joined so many years before, Quinlan managed, by dint of frantic maneuverings both military and political, to avoid participating in the overt war crimes being performed as a matter of course, but could not quiet his own disgust, as every ideal he had spent his life fighting for was discarded before his eyes by the military he had had such a hand in forging. Trapped on his own flagship in mounting despair, Quinlan tried to rationalize what was being done as the necessities of war, or emergency measures used to quell destructive rebellion, but the excuses were all hollow and he knew it, as ever-more-poisonous ideals of racism, absolutism, and the arbitrary rule of fear and extrajudicial murder corrupted everything he had held dear within his beloved galactic navy. One after another, he saw fellow officers who could not stand the turn that their navy had taken discredited, forced into retirement, replaced by sycophants, sadists, and sociopaths regardless of seniority, qualification, or respect to rank. Treason accusations and a culture of distrust and suspicion ran rampant through the fleet, destroying the careers and even the lives of those they touched upon. So endemic, so deep had the rot gone that for the first time in decades, Quinlan did not know what to do nor how to proceed. His intrinsic abilities allowed him to navigate the currents of betrayal better than most, but the task of rehabilitating or restoring his beloved Navy seemed increasingly impossible, so drenched in blood and guilt had they all become. Again and again he thought of resigning, retiring to Kuat or elsewhere, but the prospect of abandoning the Navy that had been his life’s work stayed his hand each time, as he equivocated on what course of action he could or should take.

And then Alderaan happened.

The destruction of the entire planet and every living thing upon it, all for no purpose other than spreading terror across the galaxy, made every crime so-far amassed by the Imperial Navy look like a dress code violation. At last, what few illusions Quinlan or anyone else could possibly have as to the nature of the Empire were removed, and Quinlan was left with no choice but one, to stay and serve the twisted mockery that the Navy had become, or to leave, whatever the risk, whatever the cost. Biding his time, he laid plans to desert quietly, to fake his own death or arrange re-assignment to a mythical posting, but the destruction of the Death Star at the hands of the Rebels forced his hand. The defeat at Yavin touched off a seismic reaction within the ranks of the Navy, as inquisitors, political commissars, and Hands of the Emperor swarmed through the fleet looking for “traitors” and “Rebel spies”, condemning officers to death for chance remarks or the mere appearance of disloyalty. Tipped off by a loyal contact that his name had appeared on the headhunters’ lists, Quinlan had no choice but to flee, hijacking an Imperial shuttle and disappearing with it before anyone knew that he was gone. Making for the nearest starport, Quinlan sold the shuttle to an unscrupulous buyer and boarded the first transport to anywhere outside the Galactic Core.

Maybe nobody pursued him. Maybe the Emperor assigned his best men to the task. Quinlan has no idea, and is not, honestly, certain that he cares. For the last year he has run, from planet to planet, backwater world to backwater world, disguising himself as an itinerant merchant or pilgrim or just another wanderer in the deepest edges of space, making his way slowly and painfully through sectors ruled by warlords who once trembled at the very mention of his name. His career in ruins, his very name discarded lest his enemies pursue and destroy him, Quinlan has had plenty of time to ruminate on the utter failure of all his hopes and dreams for the brilliant Galactic Navy he once so-eagerly joined. With most of his peers arrested, shot, forcibly retired, or revealed as monsters, and the very navy he served a symbol of oppression, criminality, and blackest evil, he has nothing left but his regrets and a few, scattered mementos of his former life, among them a pair of embossed, Cornet Arms blaster pistols, presented to him at the pinnacle of his career as a farewell gift from the thankful crew of the bitterly-named VSD Alderaan. For months now, he has spun his wheels uselessly, taking up such menial work as is offered to him, trapped between the Empire he served and the criminals he spent his entire life fighting. Even his formerly-sure grasp of the future, the Force-inspired visions that he has always ascribed to diligent calculation and an overactive imagination seems to have failed him, as he can see nothing before him but the further degradation of an old age spent contemplating his own role in helping to perpetrate the most vile horrors that the galaxy has ever witnessed.

And he has no conception of what he can possibly do about it.


Metarie Darillian: Kuati society is strictly Matriarchal, with properly handed down from mother to daughter by law and custom. So it was that Quinlan’s twin sister Metarie was, from birth, destined to inherit the family holdings. And inherit them she did after the death of their mother Brea, becoming the thirteenth scion of the Darillian clan to run the shipyard and its subsidiaries while her wayward brother ran off to play Defender of the Galaxy. Despite this however, of all of Quinlan’s extended family, Metarie has always been the one most accepting of his choice to join the Imperial Navy and of his ensuing career therein, and is also the only one still alive who knows about his Force Sensitivity, having been old enough to remember the visits from the Jedi, and made the appropriate deductions.

Unfortunately, Quinlan’s defection from the Imperial service has placed everything in jeopardy, for while the Darillians are well-connected on Kuat, there is no telling what lengths the Empire will go to punish those who betray it. Quinlan cannot even send word to his sister, nor gain any information on what may be happening back on Kuat without risking drawing further reprisals down on her head. At the moment, all he can hope is that Metarie has had the sense to publicly disown him and avow loyalty to the Empire, and that this will somehow be enough. It is not a comforting hope.

Raycor Darillian (nee Glagodd): Quinlan and Metarie’s father, long-since retired. Lives on Kuat.

Commander Mirax Petothel: The only daughter of poor farmers on the fringe agricultural world of Etruna, Mirax joined the Imperial Navy after watching her parents small holding ransacked and burnt one too many times by offworld raiders, hoping to leverage the most powerful military force in the galaxy to stop such attacks on her world and countless others. With no contacts or resources for promotion other than raw merit, Mirax’ break came when she was plucked from an obscure post on a picket corvette by then-Commander Darillian for service on his Frigate, the Krayyt, as part of one of his “hunches”. As usual, the hunch proved accurate, and Lt-turned-Commander Petothel rapidly ascended the ranks of the Navy under the patronage of Commander-turned-Commodore Darillian, culminating in her appointment as the replacement Captain of the VSD Alderaan following Commodore Darillian’s re-assignment to the Avenger.

Mirax was Quinlan’s most promising protege for six years, a cunning and highly unorthodox flag officer whose skills of improvisation and lateral thinking safely exceeded Quinlan’s own, as well as the rest of his command staff. Considerably younger than Quinlan, she did not see service in the Clone Wars, but joined afterwards, fired by the same vision of the all-conquering Imperial Navy routing the slavers, pirates, and thugs that made her family’s existence on Etruna so perilous. Perhaps Quinlan saw something of himself in her or simply wanted to help a kindred spirit, but she was the natural choice to replace him aboard the Alderaan, a decision he only came to regret in retrospect. What became of Petothel and the Alderaan following his defection, Quinlan does not know, save that the Alderaan was renamed Relentless in the wake of the destruction of its eponymous planet, and recalled to join the fleets engaged in hunting down what remains of the Rebel Alliance. What horrors might lie in store for a young and idealistic captain such as Mirax, Quinlan does not know, but he fears the worst.

Flag-captain Tornik Graccus: Some officers reacted with horror to the changes that Palpatine’s administration forced on the Navy, and others grumbled and suffered in silence. Captain Graccus of the ISD Avenger is not one such officer. A crafty, politically-minded attack dog, Captain Graccus served as Quinlan’s XO aboard the aforementioned Imperial Star Destroyer from the moment of Quinlan’s appointment, to his eventual desertion. Ruthless, ambitious, and utterly without scruple, Tornik Graccus is a tremendously dangerous man, a judgment that Quinlan made the moment he met him and has never seen fit to alter. Wholeheartedly in support of the accelerating zeal with which the Navy is being made to pursue the Rebels in general and enemies of the state in specific, Graccus was appointed commander of the Avenger following Quinlan’s departure, and has spent the intervening time making a name for himself as a harsh, uncompromising commander, involved in several of the most heinous crimes that even the Empire records. Rumors are that he has been fast-tracked to become an Admiral, once the Imperial Security ministry finishes rooting out the “traitors” that remain within the Admiralty. If these are true, Quinlan expects that Graccus will use his newfound authority to mete out even more death and violence on an even wider scale. This is, in all likelihood, what the Emperor is hoping for.

Commodore Quinlan Darillian

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