Ghazan Sartakiin

Former mercenary seeking vengeance for his murdered clan


Species: Weequay (Bonus Resilience, pheremone-based communication with other Weequay in short range)
Career: Bounty Hunter
Specializations: Assassin, Gadgeteer
Obligation: Debt 10
Duty: Ground Superiority 1 (Stay on Target)

Brawn 3
Agility 5
Intellect 2
Cunning 4
Willpower 3
Presence 1

Wound Thresh: 23
Strain Thresh: 15

Athletics 2
Brawl 0
Coercion 0
Cool 4
Coordination 1
Discipline 2
Gunnery 4
Mechanics 3
Melee 2
Perception 2
Piloting(planetary) 2
Piloting(space) 4
ranged(light) 3
Ranged(heavy) 5
*Resilience 1
Skulduggery 3
Stealth 5 (+1 from gear)
Streetwise 1
Vigilance 3

Assassin: Anatomy Lessons
Assassin: Deadly Accuracy (Ranged Light)
Assassin: Dedication (Willpower)
Assassin: Dodge 2
Assassin: Grit
Assassin: Lethal Blows 3
Assassin: Master of Shadows
Assassin: Precise Aim 2
Assassin: Quick Draw
Assassin: Quick Strike
Assassin:Sniper Shot
Assassin: Stalker 3
Assassin: Targeted Blow
Demolitionist: Grit 2
Demolitionist: Powerful Blast 1
Demolitionist: Selective Detonation 1
Demolitionist: Steady Nerves 1
Demolitionist: Toughened
Gadgeteer: Armor Master
Gadgeteer: Deadly Accuracy (Ranged Heavy)
Gadgeteer: Defensive Stance
Gadgeteer: Dedication (Agility)
Gadgeteer: Improved Armor Master
Gadgeteer: Intimidating 2
Gadgeteer: Jury Rigged 2 (1 melee defense on segmented armor, +1 damage on Czerka rifle)
Gadgeteer: Natural Enforcer
Gadgeteer: Point Blank
Gadgeteer: Tinkerer (
1 hardpoint on Mountaineer armor)
Gadgeteer: Toughened 2
Rigger: Black Market Contacts 2
Rigger: Bolstered Armor
Rigger: Customized Cooling Unit
Rigger: Dedication – Cunning
Rigger: Fortified Vacuum Seal
Rigger: Gearhead 2
Rigger: Grit
Rigger: Reinforced Frame
Rigger: Signature Vehicle
Rigger: Toughened 2
Rigger: Tuned Maneuvering Thrusters 2

Bounty Hunter: Unmatched Devastation
– Increase Number 1
– Draw and Fire
– Target Priority
– Remove Setback x2

Misc gear:
modular backpack
3 modular backpack pouches
commlink (handheld)
hand scanner
emergency medpac
Com jammer
electronic lock breaker
extra reload (1 rifle, 1 pistol)
Czerka Detonator Rounds (1 box) (make the slugthrower lose pierce 3, gain blast 5 and knockdown)
Tool kit
load bearing gear
utility belt
2 stun grenades
2 ion grenades
2 thermal detonators

Weapons and armor:
Czerka Model 38 slughtrower.
- – forearm grip
- – - Innate Talent (Point Blank Shot +1)
- – - Accurate +1
- – teleoptic sight
- – weapon sling
se-14r light repeating pistol
- – superior modification
- – augmented spin barrel
- – - broke one damage slot
Ion Blaster
vibro knife
- – monomolecular edge (reduce crit rating by 1)
- – Serrated Edge (vicious +1)
DH-17 carbine
- custom grip
- forearm grip
- laser sight

Varni infiltration armor
integral attachment (superior)
4 advantages +1 soak
1 advantage sealable
2 advantags embellishment: stealth (automatic advantage for stealth)
1 disadvantage on Poor Fit (takes 1 additional action to don/remove)
3 soak, 1 defense, 2 encumbrance, 1 hard point
- amphibious
- – 1x +2 hours air duration

mountaineer armor (bonuses of 1 ranged defense(JR) and +1 soak, +1 Defense(AM), +1 hardpoint(TNK) due to talents )
- – enhanced optics suite
- – - Skill (Vigilance) +1
- – Optical Camouflage System
- – - Innate Talent (Master of Shadows)
- – - Skill (Stealth) +1
Liberated Stormtrooper armor (laminate)
Custom Segmented Armor:
– 4 soak, 3 melee defense, 3 ranged defense, 9 encumbrance, 5hp
– 6 encumbrance when worn
– superior (
1 soak & -1 enc included)
– vacuum sealed
– integrated holsters: encumbrance 4 (included), holster 5 weapons of enc 3 or lower
– in-helmet scanner: gp scanner, remove black on checks to environmental conditions (darkness/smoke/fog), detect heat sources and motion in med range
– armor master (
1 soak included)
– improved armor master (1/1 defense, included)
– jury rigged (
1/0 defense, included)
Liberated Heavy Blaster Rifle
- – laser sight
Salus DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle
- – custom grip
- – superior
- – vibro bayonet
- – - melee dam +3, crit 2, range [engaged], pierce 2, inaccurate 1, vicious 2
Acquired but not installed on SE-14R:
- – - 900 credits worth of upgrades for augmented spin
Installed on HWK-290:
- – gunner droid brain SNC-4R
- – astrogation droid brain K0R-7V
- – autopilot droid brain R4N-5M

5570 credits

XP earned: 1665
XP spent: 1535
Racial 90xp: Agility 2→4 (70xp), Intellect 1→2 (20xp)
GM fiat 155 starting xp: (spent)

Gadgeteer: Point Blank (10xp), Assassin: Quick Draw (10xp), Gadgeteer: Toughened 2 (15xp), Skullduggery 3 (15xp), Piloting (Space) 1 (5xp), Vigilance 2 (10xp), Perception 2 (10xp), Streetwise 1 (5xp), Assassin: Lethal Blows (15xp), Gadgeteer: Tinkerer (20xp), Gadgeteer: Dedication (Agility) (25xp), Cool 0→2 (out of career, 25xp), Coordination 1 (out of career, 10xp), Assassin: Stalker 2 (15xp), Gadgeteer: Deadly Accuracy (ranged heavy) (15xp), Assassin: Dodge (2nd, 20xp), Assassin: Dedication (Willpower) (25xp), Cool 2→3 (out of career, 20xp), ranged (heavy) 3→4 (20xp), Rigger specialization (40xp), Mechanics 2→3 (15xp), gunnery 0→1 (5xp), piloting (space) 1→2 (10xp), Assassin: Targeted Blow (15xp), Assassin: Stalker 3 (20xp), Gadgeteer: Intimidating (5xp), Gadgeteer: Defensive Stance (5xp), Gadgeteer: Jury Rigged 2 (20xp), Gadgeteer: Improved Armor Master (25xp), Rigger: Toughened 1 (5xp), Rigger: Gearhead 1 (5xp), Rigger: Signature Vehicle (10xp), Rigger: Tuned Maneuvering Thrusters (15xp), Rigger: Bolstered Armor (15xp), Stealth 1→3 (25xp), Piloting (Space) 2→4 (35xp), Gunnery 1→3 (25xp), Melee 1→2 (10xp), Vigilance →2 (10xp), Rigger: Gearhead 2 (20xp), Rigger: Customized Cooling Unit (20xp); Rigger: Fortified Vacuum Seal (20xp); Rigger: Reinforced Frame (25xp); Rigger: Tuned Maneuvering Thrusters 2 (25xp), Cool 3→4 (OOC) (25xp); Assassin: Anatomy Lessons (15xp), Assassin: Lethal Blows (20xp), Ranged Light 1→2 (10xp); Assassin:Sniper Shot (20xp); Assassin: Precise Aim (25xp); Assassin: Deadly Accuracy(ranged light) (25xp); Assassin: Master of Shadows (25xp); Bounty Hunter: Unmatched Devastation (30xp); Unmatched Devastation: Increase Number 1 (10xp); Unmatched Devastation: Draw and Fire (10xp); Unmatched Devastation: Target Priority (10xp); Unmatched Devastation: remove setback (10xp); Ranted Light 2→3 (15xp), Piloting Planetary 0→2 (15xp), Discipline 0→1 (10xp); Rigger: Black Market Contacts (5xp); Rigger: Grit (10xp); Rigger: Black Market Contacts 2 (15xp); Rigger: Toughened (20xp); Rigger: Dedication – Cunning (25xp); Gadgeteer: Natural Enforcer (15xp); Gadgeteer: Intimidating 2 (25xp); Hired Gun: Demolitionist (4th spec, 40xp, out of class 10xp, total 50xp) Demolitionist: Powerful Blast 1 (5xp); Demolitionist: Grit 1 (5xp); Demolitionist: Selective Detonation 1 (5xp); Demolitionist: Steady Nerves 1 (5xp); Vigilance 2→3 (15xp); Ranged heavy 4→5 (25xp); Stealth 3→4 (20xp); Gunnery 3→4 (20xp); Discipline 1→2 (15xp) (out of career); Unmatched Devastation: remove setback #2 (15xp); Demolitionist: Girt (10xp); Demolitionist: Toughened (10xp)


Like many Weequay, Ghazan left his homeworld of Sriluur for work as a mercenary. He spent several years in a minor mercenary unit making its way around the Outer Rim in the employ of corporations, traders (legitimate and otherwise), minor governments (legitimate… or otherwise), and occasionally criminal organizations. Growing tired of a life of combat for hire, Ghazan opted to return home rather than renew his contract. As they parted on good terms, his company set him up with the name of a tramp freighter captain and their well wishes.

Instead of returning home to find his family and clan waiting for him, he instead found their charred corpses. A pirate raid had wiped out the clan holding. Ghazan swore over the ashes of his family that he would track down the perpetrators and convinced the freighter captain who had brought him back to put him in contact with an information broker of unsavory character. The broker in question was expensive… but worth it. Ghazan has chalked up several of the pirate crew responsible. Though the trail sometimes grows cold, he continues to watch for his prey.

Ghazan Sartakiin

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