Zappa Tenuis

A half-trained Mon Calamari Jedi Healer who has issues "letting go".


Species: Mon Calamari
Class: Jedi Consular
Specialization: Jedi Healer (primary)/Niman Disciple/Sage/Teacher
Consular Ability: Much To Learn

Morality: 100
Force Rating: 6
Motivation: Bring the Empire to Justice
Strength/Weakness: Justice/Anger
Earned XP 1285
Unspent XP 75
Additional 15
75 in total free xp
35 spent on Ebb and Flow
40 remaining
20 to Wise Warrior
20 remaining
20 on Grit
0 remaining
30 XP
Skilled Teacher (25)
20 new XP
5 banked
Force rating 6 (25)
New XP:100

Synopsis: A half-trained Mon Calamari Jedi Healer who has issues “letting go”.

Wound Threshold: 14
Strain Threshold: 22
Defense: Variable 4 melee, 4 ranged
Soak 5

Brawn 2
Agility 2
Intellect 3
Cunning 2 (20)
Willpower 5 (30)
Presence 2

Skills (35)
Cool 2
Discipline 5
Lore 5
Education 5
Medicine 5
Xenology 2
Negotiation 2
Lightsaber 5
Leadership 2
Perception 2
Vigilance 2
Athletics 2
Astrogation 2
Core Worlds 2
Outer Rim 2
Deception 3

Healer Talents
Surgeon (5)
Healing Trance (5)
Physician (10)
Grit (15)
Knowledgeable Healing (15)
Calming Aura (20)
Force Rating (25)
Rapid Recovery (5)

Niman Talents
Parry (5)
Reflect (5)
Nobody’s Fool (5)
Niman Technique (10)
Grit (5)
Defensive Training (10)
Sense Emotions (15)
Reflect (15)
Defensive Training (15)
Center of Being (20)
Improved Center of Being
Force Rating
Draw Closer
Sum Djem
Dedication (willpower)
Parry (10)
Parry (15)
Force Assault

Sage Talents
Kill with Kindness
Smooth Talker
Grit 20
Force Rating
Preemptive avoidance
Grit 5
Knowledge specialization (20)-Lore
Force Rating (25)
Grit (5)
The Force is My Ally (25)

Teacher Talents
Well-rounded (5)
Encouraging Words (10)
Nobody’s Fool (10)
Grit (10)
Well-traveled (10)
Skilled Teacher (15)
Wise Warrior
Grit (20)
Skilled Teacher
Force rating

Force Powers
Sense (10)
Control (Defensive 10)
Control (Defensive II 10)
Control (Defensive III 10)
Control (Defensive IV 10)
Control: Sense Thoughts (10)

Move (10)
Range (5)
Range (5)
Control (10)—Throw
Control 5—Disarm
Strength (5)
Control: Fine Manipulation (15)
Strength (10)
Strength (15)

Heal (15)

Ebb and Flow (10)
Range (10)
Control (10)

Control (see through) 5
Control: (fine Detail) 5
Control (Vigilance and Perception) 10
Duration (5)


Lightsaber (Extended Hilt, Lorridian Crystal, crystal switcher)
Damage 8, Crit2, Sunder, Breach 1, Defensive 1, Deflection 2, Vicious 1
Alt Crystal: Damage 9, Crit 2, sunder, breach, innate parry 1 innate reflect 1.

Lightsaber (amber colored)
Physicians Kit (400)
Blaster Pistol
Padded Armor
Datapad (75)
Comlink (25)
Disguise kit
Advanced flesh disguise kit
Stimpack x4 (1 used 1/28)
Respirator (25)
Utility Belt (25)
New armor: Soak 3, melee defense 2, ranged defense 2, advantage on negotiate
Cyclic crystal array parts
Archealogical and linguistic computer parts and databases

Cypher: fella medak:archeological translation
Ne’Ti Seeds
Need: archeological and linguistic Software, databases, droid parts

Have: list of old caches and holy sites/training grounds

Shitloads of crystals and datacrons

Lordian Gemstone
Etaan (sentinel)
Sorian Crystal (guardian)
Nishalaurite Stone (seeker)

Etaan Crystal: Base Damage 6, Crit 2, Breach 1, and Sunder. Improved Reflect with this crystal does 2 additional damage to the target.

Modification Options: 1 Vicious +1, 2 Damage +1, 1 reduce critical rating, 1 innate talent (Parry), 1 innate talent (Reflect)

Sorian: Damage 6, crit 3, can rebounce from saber lock very quickly. Can probably be upgraded to reasonable deadliness. Needs 4 hardpoints.

Nichelaurite: Damage 7, crit 3, pretty bright, feels very centered to the galaxy and seems to impart a sense of awareness, and resonates with technology

Options: planet mapper, 2 disorient, 1 vicious

Dentari 7, crit 2, when making a force power check the character may spend a force point to recover 2 strain.

Options: 1 crit, 2 damage mods

Mephite: Dear god, see core

New Crystals: the blades would be very weak, enhances connection to the force. Damage 5 crit 3 breach 1 and sunder. Patterns after wielder in one of two ways: can be used to replicate some force active talents like Reflect; or it can be used as a floating committed force point.

mods: 2 damage +1, 1 crit reduction, 1 innate talent second wind

Medals Awarded:Star of Alderaan

Armored casual wear: 2 soak, melee defense 2, ranged defense 2 complex (difficulty to repair increased by 1)


Zappa Tenuis was born on Dac (AKA Mon Calamari) in 30 BBY. Force sensitive, he was taken by the Jedi Order in infancy. He excelled as a Youngling and passed the Initiate Trials and constructed his own lightsaber at the age of 11 in 19 BBY, and apprenticed to the Selkath Jedi Knight Shelkar Morgal. Normally, this would not have happened, but with the Clone Wars in full swing and Jedi being killed all over the Galaxy, the Council—even if only subconsciously—started to accept younger candidates to Padawanhood.
The two were largely tasked with relatively low risk diplomatic and medical assignments due to the Padawan’s young age, but these put them off coruscant and relatively far away from any clone troopers on Ithor later in 19 BBY when Order 66 was initiated

Ithor, not under direct imperial control for several years, was safe for several years and the two Jedi were able to eek out an existence there. That is until the ISD Conquest showed up in orbit and subjugated the planet in 17 BBY. Thanks to a precognitive vision through the force, they managed to escape undetected and flee on a refugee transport to Phindar. There, they ran afoul of bounty-hunters. Only one of them survived, but that was enough to get an Inquisitor on their tail, as the last bounty hunter called the empire to collect the information bounty, rather than make a doomed attempt to collect on their hides.

This single event caused five years of planet-hopping through the vast barely-navigable regions around Centrality space, desperately trying to keep one step ahead of the Imperial Inquisitors hunting them. Hiding in force-saturated urban areas and wilderness, eeking out an existence as physicians and trade mediators until they could afford passage to the next world.

The end came on one of Gand’s space stations. Their last stop before hopping on a freelance (by which I mean smuggler, a Rhodian by the name of Kreenas Lev) transport to the relative safety of independent Dornean space when the Inquisitor finally caught up with them. Master Morgal stayed behind, buying time by fending off the Inquisitor and his Minions while he boarded the transport, which escaped into hyperspace. That was in 13 BBY, and Zappa would spend the next 12 years in Dornean space, protected from overt imperial pressure by the formidable Dornean fleet. He still had to worry about bounty hunters, but he dealt with that by forming links with the locals. He earned a living—and local protection—as a nurse in a low cost medical clinic. Eventually, he was old enough to go to medical school (being educated by the Jedi Order in the healing arts goes a long way toward getting a Dornean medical license, but it is not everything), and did his residency under an autonomous medical droid LN-7R, primarily working in a hospital for Dornean fleet casualties. After he got through residency, he went back to his old clinic as a full-fledged physician.
But Dornea was never Home. The Jedi Order was Home, and the Empire took it. There were however no viable alternatives. Dornea could hold off imperial encroachment—at immense strain to its economy—but it could not mount offensives into Imperial space, and he was a half-trained Padawan when further development of his abilities was cut short by his master’s death. That changed in 0 ABY for obvious and explosive reasons.

It took him some time to wrap up his affairs on Dornea (refer his patients, get through things already scheduled, settle finances, liquidate assets etc), then book transport to Mon Calamari. There, in a hotbed of rebel sympathy, he enlisted with the rebellion.

Kreenas Lev: Rhodian Person-Smuggler. NOT slave smuggler or sentient trafficker, she is very emphatic about that. She specializes in smuggling people who want to be into or out of places into and out of places.

LN-7R (prefers being called Dr. Elenar): Medical droid (GH Model) freed by the last will and testament of his previous owner in 25 BBY. He has the gallows-humor and bitterness one only ever really finds in trauma surgeons, and he takes precisely zero lip from Organics.

Zappa Tenuis

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