Tag: Scum


  • The Wreckage of the Bani

    Wreckage from a small fleet of ancient ships that has transformed over the centuries into a well-known port of ill repute. Many things can be purchased there, but it is home to many types of scum.

  • Narall

    Jlirn'aral'lesti, otherwise known as Narall, is a Chiss Crime Lord and information broker who currently owns and operates a smuggler's haven in the deep space of the Outer Rim. Hidden inside of a still forming star system, "The Spindle", as Narall has …

  • Sham'vena

    Sham'vena is a roughly middle aged, but still quite lithe performer and owner of the mostly Twi'lek entertainment group "Cinn's Full Desires", a reference to a previous owner of the troupe. He has a wry sense of humor, knowing full well that he is …